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VIDEO: Ricky Goertzen Featured in Youth Apprenticeship Video

Ricky Goertzen, one of our valued Journeyperson Mechanics has been featured as part of the Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship feature.

VIDEO: Trimac Driving Simulator Training

The Alberta Motor Transport Association training simulator provides a variety of conditions and scenarios, giving drivers experience they wouldn’t normally gain in real life. 

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At Trimac we change lives in and out of our company. Internally, we build futures for our employees who we believe are the backbone of everything that we do.

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Trimac is a North America wide company and has over 3,000 employees – visit our blog to read the journey.

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Our mission is supported by creating a team environment for our employees that enables them to provide superior value to our customers. Trucking is the heart and soul of serving the needs of others.

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