During these unprecedented and uncertain times, our drivers are relying on others to assist them in providing an essential service. Even a formerly simple task to find hot food has become difficult, and grocery stores are now mostly picked over. This especially hits home with out-of-area drivers who can no longer find a place to rest due to many motels shutting down due to COVID-19 concerns.

“I realized our drivers were struggling to find a space that would take them,” said Jeff Stevens, Operations Manager in Sundre. “I reached out to a local hotel to provide Trimac drivers with a shower, towels, soap, and the ability to rent rooms if needed. The motel was understandably concerned about exposing their business to visitors who might be infected with COVID-19. Once I explained how they could help our drivers provide an essential service, they were happy to allow our drivers to shower and sleep there.”

Trimac has recently started the #ESSENTIAL campaign, not only to highlight that transportation is an essential service, but that we rely upon motels, restaurants, and truck stops to keep our drivers providing an essential service, and keep the supply chain intact.

“Jeff has always been there for his team,” said Besnik Gasi, Area Manager in the North West. “He often gets them soup and coffee on colder days to show his appreciation for their hard work. He’s truly a team player, and exemplary of how an individual can make a difference.”

“We also can’t thank the motel owner enough for allowing our drivers to stay there. We will be sure to use their services for years to come.”

Trimac would like to thank all of the businesses who continue to provide their services so our drivers can continue to work. We are also proud of each and every one of our employees who show the Trimac spirit during these challenging times!

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