Today, Trimac was honored to receive the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) Competitive Safety Award in the Harvison Division, consisting of tank carriers with over 15 million miles. This is the third time that Trimac has received this award and highlights the commitment to a strong safety culture.

“On behalf of the over 3,500 men and women of Trimac and the McCaig Family, we are honored to accept this award,” said Bill Marchbank, COO.

“There are many great companies in the NTTC with outstanding safety records that have received this award, and it is humbling to be included among them. The leadership group at Trimac especially would like to thank our employees and contractors who made this possible through their efforts.”

“Two years ago, we changed our approach with the Rooted in Safety Program, setting out to create a learning culture that looks for hazards and is sensitive to operations. This award is wonderful recognition of our improvement, and our team is excited to continue this long journey we have set for ourselves.”

In the virtual event hosted today, G&D Trucking – Hoffman Transportation, joined Trimac atop their own Division for carriers under 15 million miles. Trimac was also recognized with a Merit Award for year-over-year improvement, which speaks to the goal of continuous improvement.

The Trimac team watched the presentation virtually, with Bill Marchbank, Lance Hagler – Director Safety Services & Security, Bill Roop – Company Driver, and Roger Martinez – VP Southwest assembled in Houston, while Bob Beach, VP Safety & Risk Management logged in from Toronto.

“First of all, the credit for this award has to go to our Team,” said Beach. “Everybody has worked towards improving our safety culture by embracing the significant change of direction we began two years ago.”

“Tactically, our senior management supported doubling our salaried field level safety professionals, and we changed their focus from being auditors, to being coaches and trainers, which helped improve trust levels with our employees.”

“Key to this award was embracing the use of a socio-technical safety system,” continued Beach. “This moved our focus away from industry standard lagging indicators, switching instead to leading indicators. This meant not only reporting near misses, but also everybody actively searching for and finding issues to fix, before they occur – especially those that could have a significant impact on people, property or the environment.”

“This shift in strategy was combined with a significant improvement in our incident investigation process. We looked beyond just the actions of the individual, but also how the organization may have been inadvertently contributing to incidents. Concurrent with that work, a significant amount of activity doing a full employee led hazard analysis of each of our processes, and translating those into new employee vetted SOP’s and training materials is well underway.”

Also turning 75 this year, the NTTC has served as the voice of the tank truck industry and the recognized resource of its leaders. Membership is comprised of over 600 companies that specialize in bulk transportation services by cargo tank throughout North America. The Mileage Divisions are named after the association’s first two and longest-serving presidents, Austin Sutherland (1945-1972) and his successor, Cliff Harvison (1972-2005).

The members of the NTTC generate roughly 5% of all truck freight revenue the USA, while representing 25% of all truck freight in terms of tonnage due to the heavy nature of the liquid bulk products we handle.

“We want to thank the NTTC for being a leader in advocating for the tank truck industry safety efforts,” said Matt Faure, President and CEO.

“For Trimac to be recognized among our peers within the transportation industry is an amazing accomplishment. Thank you to everybody involved in this achievement – with a special acknowledgement to our front-line team who embody our safety commitments every day!”

Congratulations to all the other recipients who were recognized across the NTTC, and the entire team at Trimac!

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