Trimac Receives Complimentary Resilience Training App

Trimac Receives Complimentary Resilience Training App

Trimac Transportation is getting a much-needed dose of employee wellness in the form of mental health and resilience training offered through headversity.

Kara Gillespie, VP of People and Culture at Trimac Transportation has been impressed with headversity and the partnership they have developed, she says, “headversity’s app empowers people to take control of their own mental health and helps educate people that what they are experiencing is normal in today’s fast-paced society. It’s a matter of getting the right tools in people’s hands to build the resiliency we all need these days to keep up with life’s challenges.”

The US and Canadian governments recently deemed truck driving an essential service during the COVID-19 crisis. While many now understand the great importance of maintaining a supply chain, most do not know about the increased stress and stigma that drivers are facing during this time.

“COVID-19 has impacted everybody. People are worried about their family, friends, community, and how it will impact the economy and their jobs. We are all experiencing stress and anxiety levels higher than ever before.” 

Gillespie notes, “The transportation industry has been recognized as an essential service required to keep going and deliver much-needed goods and supplies. Without drivers, mechanics, washrack technicians, and dispatchers continuing to do what they do each day, grocery store shelves would be empty, gas stations would run out of fuel, and medical supplies will not get to hospitals.”

“This is a heavy, but honorable burden our industry carries. However, we are hearing how difficult it is for our drivers to find food on the road with restaurants closing, or access to bathrooms or hotels to sleep for the night. This is adding to the stress of what they are already feeling during these unprecedented times.”

All of Trimac’s employees have access to the full suite of mental health support offered by headversity, including self-assessments, tracking tools, and curated content based on personal needs. During this heightened time of stress, these types of tools are valued by organizations as they support the mental health of employees while they are remote. 

Gillespie recognizes this platform as a leader.

“There has never been a more important time to take care of the mental health for all of our team members. The headversity app is the perfect tool for us to reach all of our people who are spread out geographically across North America. They can use it anytime, anywhere, in private, in small or large doses, and with full access to vital information and support to help them face each day feeling more empowered over their own mental health and take things one day at a time.”

Dr. Ryan Todd, headversity CEO and also a psychiatrist, said it was important for his company to provide extra support for Trimac staff because they’re braving the front lines of this fight. 

“We have so much gratitude for all the heroic employees who continue to work and provide much needed services across Canada. It starts with our mental health, as we all cope with this new reality. For Trimac truck drivers who are out there on the road on their own, we are pleased to offer them complimentary access to our app when resilience is needed most. It’s the least we can do to offer support.”

Sundre Motel Steps Up for Trimac Drivers

Sundre Motel Steps Up for Trimac Drivers

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, our drivers are relying on others to assist them in providing an essential service. Even a formerly simple task to find hot food has become difficult, and grocery stores are now mostly picked over. This especially hits home with out-of-area drivers who can no longer find a place to rest due to many motels shutting down due to COVID-19 concerns.

“I realized our drivers were struggling to find a space that would take them,” said Jeff Stevens, Operations Manager in Sundre. “I reached out to a local hotel to provide Trimac drivers with a shower, towels, soap, and the ability to rent rooms if needed. The motel was understandably concerned about exposing their business to visitors who might be infected with COVID-19. Once I explained how they could help our drivers provide an essential service, they were happy to allow our drivers to shower and sleep there.”

Trimac has recently started the #ESSENTIAL campaign, not only to highlight that transportation is an essential service, but that we rely upon motels, restaurants, and truck stops to keep our drivers providing an essential service, and keep the supply chain intact.

“Jeff has always been there for his team,” said Besnik Gasi, Area Manager in the North West. “He often gets them soup and coffee on colder days to show his appreciation for their hard work. He’s truly a team player, and exemplary of how an individual can make a difference.”

“We also can’t thank the motel owner enough for allowing our drivers to stay there. We will be sure to use their services for years to come.”

Trimac would like to thank all of the businesses who continue to provide their services so our drivers can continue to work. We are also proud of each and every one of our employees who show the Trimac spirit during these challenging times!

Thank You Restaurants

Thank You Restaurants

If you monitor the news, you’ve probably noticed something: Truckers are suddenly heroes once again. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the country and more and more business and social activities shut down, everyday people are waking up to the fact that it is truckers who are literally carrying the supplies that they need.

Thank you to McDonald’s and other restaurants, who have ensured our drivers can get hot meals to perform their duties.

You are #essential to our drivers during this crisis!

ATTN DRIVERS: Some McDonald’s locations are offering a designated trucker curbside pick-up area. When you arrive, use the “My McD’s” mobile app to order and choose “curbside service.” Then proceed to wait at the designated trucker pick-up area.

A Champion Helping a Good Cause

A Champion Helping a Good Cause

Led by coach Ed Orgeron, the top-ranked Louisiana State University (LSU) Fighting Tigers recently won College Football’s National Champions title, putting themselves in the conversation as being one of the best teams ever. 

Brad Nelson, Lake Charles Branch Manager remarked, “the Fighting Tigers had an incredible season with great sportsmanship and a community behind them! We can gather great inspiration from sports to spark a work environment with a commitment to excellence, team spirit, and the ability to cheer each other on.”

Brad is the third-generation owner of Freedom Trucks which is a Trimac associate in the Lake Charles area – a relationship that started in 2016. He also sits on the Executive Board member on the Louisiana Trucking Association (LMTA), who recently held a motorcycle raffle as a fundraiser for their TruckPAC.

To promote the raffle, the Harley Davidson was on display prior to the McNeese State University football game, where there was sure to be a lot of foot traffic. That’s when Brad had a champion of an idea!

“I figured LSU’s Coach Orgeron would be at the game, because his son is the starting quarterback for McNeese State University,” continued Brad.

“Knowing how popular Coach Orgeron is in our region, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to promote the raffle with a little of his magic! I contacted him ahead of time, and he graciously stopped by to help us promote our good cause.”

“To our delight, he also signed the gas tank with his Coach O autograph – which was a big hit, as we ended up raising $18,000 for the LMTA TruckPAC!”

The LMTA was founded in 1939 and represents the trucking industry in Louisiana and the United States to advocate and voice the laws and regulations of its members when they cannot. Brad has been a Director with the LMTA for the last 10 years, and was recently appointed to the Executive Board, leading to the position of American Trucking Association VP.

With trucking in his blood, Brad joined his family business, JW Nelson Transports in 1983, which now operates under FreedomTrucks. Upon joining Trimac Transportation as an Associate in 2016, we have seen a lot of success from this relationship, and their similar commitment to service with safety. 

Ed Orgeron (LSU Head Coach) and Brad Nelson.

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VIDEO: Steve Kozma Shares Trimac’s Story on WJOB  ​

VIDEO: Steve Kozma Shares Trimac’s Story on WJOB ​

Founded in 1923, WJOB 1230 AM continues the tradition of providing community-based programming for Northwest Indiana and the Calumet Region. WJOB is an integral piece of the community, providing up-to-the-minute news, weather, traffic, local high school sports, local and college sports, quality local programming, and syndicated fare. Steve Kozma, Branch Manager in Chicago was recently invited to share Trimac’s story, and discuss the opportunities available at Trimac and in the transportation industry.

Video courtesy of WJOB

Trimac Designated as a Top Fleet by Trucking HR Canada

Trimac Designated as a Top Fleet by Trucking HR Canada

Today, Trimac has been recognized as a Top Fleet Employer by Trucking HR Canada. Top Fleet Employers are recommended as the best workplaces in Canada’s trucking industry, as reflected in the broad range of human resources policies and programs that they have in place.

“I am very proud of Trimac for receiving this designation,” said Kara Gillespie, VP of People and Culture. “This goes beyond the HR policies and programs that we have developed at Trimac, but speaks to the professionalism of the HR Team that meets the needs of our employees on a daily basis, our supportive leadership, and the culture we are building. This is another step in our transformation and evolution as a company, with more to come.”

The Top Fleet Employer Program is open to fleets of all sizes across Canada. As part of the process, Trimac participated in a rigorous three-part review of our human resources policies and programs. The review assesses the scope of an employer’s formal HR policies and programs in four key categories: Basics, Respect, Training and Family. The criteria was developed by a panel of trucking industry experts and a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), and reflects Canadian human resources issues, trends and working environments.

“Top Fleet Employers are leaders in promoting a positive image of the trucking and logistics industry,” says Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. “As the competition for skilled workers continues to intensify, their consistently strong HR approaches will help position us an industry of choice.”

Trucking HR Canada will celebrate and recognize the Top Fleet Employers at its annual Gala Awards Dinner being held in October in Toronto. Awards will be presented to the Top Fleet in each category (top small, medium, large and private fleet) along with Achievement of Excellence Awards in the following categories: Workplace Culture, Training & Skills Development, Workplace Diversity, HR Innovator, Employee Engagement and the two new Achievement of Excellence Awards will also be presented for Workplace Mental Health and Women in the Workplace. The evening will cap off with the announcement of the prestigious HR Leader of the Year Award.

Stay tuned for guidance on how to add the Trucking HR Canada’s Top Fleet logo to our e-mail footers in the near future.