Diversity at Trimac

Trimac is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to employment equality.

We value a diverse workforce and are committed to hiring practices that are fair and equitable.

At Trimac, you’re family.



All-Star Employees

Trimac has an internal recognition program that is meaningful and digital. We congratulate and celebrate big and small wins across the company in real-time. 


Rooted in Safety

Our 3 safety commitments shape our culture. “I make safety a part of every decision, I make safety personal, I have the courage to intervene.”


Equal Opportunity Employer

Trimac Transportation is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to employment equity.


Trimac has Heart

At Trimac we change lives in and out of our company. Internally, we build futures for our employees who we believe are the backbone of everything that we do. Follow our Journey.

Military Motor Transport Path

Trimac’s Military Commitment is honouring our Service Members and Veterans by offering career growth and flexibility through our Motor Transport Path. Our careers range from supervisory front line leaders, management leadership, professional driving, to shop maintenance, and other industrial roles.

Did you know Trimac has hired 71 Military Veterans in 2019? Currently, we have 90 veterans as drivers and shop personnel!

We celebrate and embrace diversity by engaging our employees in their community.

We support our community.


Top Fleet Employer

Women Building Futures

Women with Drive

Military Motor Transport Path

Women in Trucking

Local Donations

Women Building Futures

Are you a woman in Alberta looking to start your career as a Professional Class 1 Driver? Please connect with our partner, WBF, to learn more about how you can apply for industry-leading training that leads to employment opportunities. Be considered for employment with Trimac and other companies who are working together to increase diversity in the transportation industry. Build a rewarding, stable career that you can be proud of.

Women Building Futures has a new Professional Class 1 Driver Program in Alberta!

“Don’t wait for your future, build it in the trades.”

The average pre-program income for the 4 cohorts was $11.00/hour, and the average income upon first employment out of the program was $23.58. This means an average increase in income of 114%. This impacts not only these women but their families and children and the way they can contribute to their communities.”

Megan Bates

Manager - Industry Relations, Women Building Futures

Bridge the Gap

“The trucking industry plays a major role in the functioning of the Canadian economy. Virtually all goods that are delivered to consumers find themselves on a truck during at least one segment of their journey The industry employs in excess of 400,000 people. Currently, only 3% of drivers in Canada are women. Produced in partnership with Trucking HR Canada, the Alberta Motor Transport Association and funded by the Labour Market Partnerships Grant Program through the Government of Alberta and Government of Canada, the Bridging the Gap video series seeks to put a spotlight on Alberta’s trucking industry and its career opportunities through a diversity lens.”

– TruckingHR Canada

Why Trimac?

At Trimac we change lives in and out of our company. Internally, we build futures for our employees who we believe are the backbone of everything that we do. Externally, our hauls are priceless because they ensure that you and your family have the necessities to everyday products that we take for granted, like gas for a cross-country family vacation, chemicals that can clean-up behind your toddler or cement for the driveway of your first home. Trucking is the heart and soul of serving the needs of others and we make your needs a priority at Trimac. No matter their role, we know that everyone working with us makes a difference in the lives of others.

Trimac is uniquely qualified to respond to most service demands in North America’s key bulk commodity shipping locations and traffic lanes. Trimac’s Canadian and United States operations are complemented by strategic partners in Mexico, adding full-service capability in and out of the country. 

With 4,000 employees and more than 140 branches throughout North America, Trimac is proud to be part of the many communities in which we operate.

Ready to make a difference?



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