Jazmyn Rusnack

Recruitment Specialist

What hobbies and passions do you have?
My hobbies include yoga or the gym and anything outdoors – I have a 4-year-old Border Collie that keeps me very busy!

What is your bucket list travel destination, and what would you do there?
Bucket list travel destination(s) are Milford, New Zealand, Cape Town, South Africa, and the Maldives islands. I would love to see wildlife and spend time relaxing.

What is your favourite movie or book, and tell us why it is special to you?
I’m more of a documentary type! I truly love all National Geographic series but specifically One Strange Rock.

What is your go-to meal when you have to cook dinner?
Tacos (with guacamole)!

Describe a perfect day at work?
A perfect day would be sending qualified candidates to the Recruiters and scoring a hire from the advertising campaigns I set up.  

Why did you choose Trimac?
It was an easy Yes for me because this position was something I had been looking for and knew I could come on board and make a difference. 

What is one thing about you that people wouldn’t assume about you?
One thing people wouldn’t assume about me is I went to school for web development (coding) and freelanced for 5 years post-graduation. 

What are the attributes you look for in a Trimac Team Member?
When asked to help with pre-screen interviews, I look for knowledge, vulnerability, and kindness.

What does Trimac mean to you?
Trimac means family. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help!

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