Varun “Vinny” Sharma

Eastern Canada Driver Recruiter

What hobbies and passions do you have?
I love to cook, watch documentary-style movies and spend lots of time with my beautiful girls and wife.

What is your bucket list travel destination, and what would you do there?
I would love to travel throughout Europe and go sightseeing.

What is your favourite movie or book, and tell us why it is special to you?
Sweet Home Alabama – Jake never gives up and gets the girl of his dream back.

What is your go-to meal when you have to cook dinner?
Chicken curry and rice.

Describe a perfect day at work?
Phones ringing, and e-mails coming in.

Why did you choose Trimac?
I chose Trimac because they truly care about your future, growth, development and work-life balance.

What is one thing about you that people wouldn’t assume about you?
I like to make people laugh.

What are the attributes you look for in a Trimac Team Member?
Happy, energetic, funny, positive.

What does Trimac mean to you?
Trimac means family to me and family means having each other back.

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